I am a biomedical engineering/molecular biology major, with a decent background in CS. I like to make things that do stuff. I also like to think about how things work, and how they could work better.

To me, computers are an extension of us - the singularity isn’t the creation of a machine that outstrips us, but instead the fusion of man and machine. They are a force multiplier, a tool to be used to push ourselves further than we could go alone.

I have some ideas that I think could really improve the foundations of society. In some cases not neccessarily solving the problem but instead making the root cause of the issue irrelevant. My goal is to build an engineering organization that focuses on building sustainable, efficient solutions to fundamental problems in our daily existence.

I am also interested in longevity and regenrative medicine research, as well as transhumanism. Currently, I am involved in research developing implantable enzymatic biofuel cells that use glucose to provide power. The first objective is to be able to power a pacemaker without relying on any outside power source as well as eliminating the need for replacement surgeries.